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Narrative the Dialogue

Project “Lampedusa Berlin, Travel journal” (LaBe), Europe for Citizens Programme – Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation.
Ref. Project: 577736-CITIZ-1-2016-1-IT-CITIZ-CIV CUP F69J16000510006
La Fondazione Scuola di Alta Formazione per il Terzo Settore (italian acronym ForTeS foundation) in collaboration with Sos racism Italy (Italy), Sozial.Label E.V.(Germany), S.O.S. Racismo Gipuzkoa Asociacion (Spain), Towarzystwo Amicus (Poland), Egam-European Grassroots Antiracist Movement Association (France), Oltalom Karitativ Egyesulet(Hungary), Asociatia Tineri Parteneri Pentru Dezvoltarea Societatii Civil (Romania), Asinitas Onlus (Italy), Citizens In Action (Greece) creates the European contest for the realization of the project logo “Berlino – Lampedusa. Journal Travel” funded by the European Committee in the Europe for Citizens Programme – Strand 2 Democratic engagement and civic participation.
The central theme of the project is created from the comparison with the latest story of Europe. From the falling of Berlin Wall to the east widening, to the migration of Mediterranean countries and middle east.
The communism Falling in central and eastern Europe, started in Poland and symbolized by the falling of the Berlin wall in 9th November 1989, it has been an event which has completely changed the route of the Europe’s story. 28 years from this event, we can deeply reflect on the European Union Progress, on his identity and on his future as Europe of democracy, of integration and human rights.
Europe has to overcome a new challenge because of the migratory emergency from other countries, linked to Syrian and Nord Africa crisis.
The idea of a strong European governance of migrations is often planned, as reaction to this historical event, such as solution to guarantee safety to the European societies.
This attitude even as several actions done by the European and international institutions, seems to be against the inclusive and democratical vocation of Europe.
The project want create a shared reflection between citizens groups about these so important themes. Lampedusa and Berlin are here two symbols of this challenge for the protection of a Europe made of integration, rights and solidarity. A lot of people died in past to overcome a wall, to fight for their rights and a lot of people die even now to reach freedom and a respectable life.
Keys words of the project: Hospitality, immigration, migrants, refugees, solidarity, trip, rights, integration, people, citizens, story, Europe, wall, young, dialogue.

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